Direct flights to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the ideal vacation spot in Europe – learn more about the country and find all direct flights here.


Do you want to enjoy great food, charming city life and beautiful nature? In that case, the Netherlands is your perfect destination. This small European country has a lot to offer – we help you find a flight from your airport of choice.

If you are traveling to the Netherlands, nine times out of ten you will land at the country’s main airport in Amsterdam. The airport, also known as Schiphol, offers hundreds of destinations all around the world and is one of the busiest airports in Europe. The second largest airport in the Netherlands is found in Eindhoven.

Direct flights to the Netherlands from the US

Are you headed from the US to the Netherlands? In this case you will land at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. In the list below you find some of the cities with the most frequent connections to Amsterdam – please use the links to see all flight options from each airport.

direct flights from chicago to amsterdam

To Amsterdam

Direct flights to the Netherlands from other European countries

If you are traveling to the Netherlands from another European airport there are several options to choose from. In most cases you will land at Schiphol or Eindhoven Airport – see each option in the list below.

To Amsterdam

To Eindhoven

direct flights from budapest to eindhoven

Find cheap direct flights to the Netherlands

If you are looking for a direct flight to the Netherlands and want to find a cheap option, we recommend that you use our search engine here at Here you can choose which airport you are destined from, and which airport you want to land at.