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Can you fly from A to B without stops? Directflights.com knows the answer.

Type in your origin airport and destination. We will instantly show you whether you can fly direct, what days you can fly and by which airlines. It's that simple.


Directflights.com does not need to contact multiple search engines to show you the result. You don't even need to specify a date to start with. Just tell us where you are going and we will give you the answer when and how you can fly. Super fast!

Getting a better overview

We know the hastle of finding flights the old way. You have no idea how to find what days you can fly direct, which airlines actually operate the route and if you got the best flight option or not. Throw in things like codeshare flights, meta search and unknown booking agents and you're off to a bad start of finding your perfect flight.

With Directflights.com this is not a problem. We have the schedules for almost every airline such as United, Southwest, Delta, AA and hundreds of more. This way we can give you a nice simple overview of your direct flights options from A to B. You can see the full departure schedule for each airline together with aircraft, delays and other useful flight information.

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Directflights.com is part of Westcoast Digital AB. A Swedish company specialized in flight information for consumers.

The business is expanding rapidly so please contact us if you are interested in joining us or do business with our hardworking team dedicated to helping users finding the best travel options.

Our team is based on the east coast of the United States and the west coast of Sweden.

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

Please note that we are a website with flight information and thus we might connect you to travel agents or airlines but you are not booking flights with us, please contact the travel agency or airline directly for any flight bookings or enquiries.

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"All scheduled direct flights from every airport"

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