New direct flights from Mexico 2024

Do you want to find the latest new destinations offered from the airports in Mexico? Take a look at our guide and learn more about each flight option.

new direct flights from mexico airports

In Mexico you find a number of large airports, with the busiest being Mexico City International Airport, Cancún International Airport and Guadalajara Airport. When it comes to routes out of the country, new flights are continuously being added to widen the range of destinations.

Find new destinations from Mexico

If you want to find the latest direct routes from the airports of Mexico, we recommend that you have a look at our compilation below. Here you find new flights from all major airports in the country. By following each link you can learn more about this particular route and to make sure you always access the correct information we regularly update our data.

Cozumel (CZM) - Cancun (CUN)
With Air Midwest
0h 35m
Mexico City (NLU) - TULUM (TQO)
With Aeromexico
2h 5m
Cancun (CUN) - Havana (HAV)
1h 10m
Cancun (CUN) - Merida (MID)
With Air Midwest
1h 25m
Merida (MID) - Villahermosa (VSA)
With Air Midwest
1h 55m
San Jose Cabo (SJD) - Guadalajara (GDL)
1h 25m
Chetumal (CTM) - Mexico City (NLU)
2h 5m
Guadalajara (GDL) - Mexico City (NLU)
1h 5m
Tijuana (TIJ) - Mexico City (NLU)
3h 15m
Mazatlan (MZT) - Mexico City (NLU)
1h 30m
Merida (MID) - Mexico City (NLU)
1h 40m
San Jose Cabo (SJD) - Phoenix (PHX)
With Frontier Airlines
2h 9m
Tijuana (TIJ) - Shenzhen (SZX)
With China Southern
16h 0m
Monterrey (MTY) - Mexico City (NLU)
1h 20m
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) - Mexico City (NLU)
1h 25m
Merida (MID) - Havana (HAV)
1h 25m
Mexico City (MEX) - Tijuana (TIJ)
With China Southern
4h 0m
San Jose Cabo (SJD) - Winnipeg (YWG)
With WestJet. First flight is 2024-11-09.
4h 30m
Chetumal (CTM) - Cancun (CUN)
With Air Midwest
1h 35m
Cozumel (CZM) - Chichen Itza (CZA)
With Air Midwest
1h 0m
Cancun (CUN) - San Juan (SJU)
With JetBlue. First flight is 2024-10-28.
3h 20m
Guadalajara (GDL) - TULUM (TQO)
With Volaris. First flight is 2024-12-05.
2h 49m
Guadalajara (GDL) - Toronto (YYZ)
With Flair Airlines. First flight is 2024-09-13.
4h 40m
Monterrey (MTY) - Tokyo (NRT)
With Aeromexico. First flight is 2024-07-11.
14h 15m
Monterrey (MTY) - San Francisco (SFO)
With United. First flight is 2024-10-27.
4h 10m
Mazatlan (MZT) - Kelowna (YLW)
With WestJet. First flight is 2024-12-13.
4h 44m
TULUM (TQO) - Calgary (YYC)
With WestJet. First flight is 2024-11-09.
6h 11m
TULUM (TQO) - Toronto (YYZ)
With WestJet. First flight is 2024-11-09.
4h 13m
This list was last updated on 2024-06-20.

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