Direct flights to Taiwan

With beautiful nature and lots of adventure activities, a vacation to Taiwan won’t leave you disappointed. Find your next direct flight to Taiwan here.


Whether you are looking for a great place to hike or a country that provides a unique and diverse culture, Taiwan is the way to go. The country offers beautiful scenery, hundreds of hot springs and let’s not forget about the tasty cuisine.

Find direct flights to Taiwan

If you are traveling to Taiwan from another part of the world, you will most likely land at the international airport in Taipei. In the compilation below we have gathered some of the most popular direct routes, both from the US and from other parts of the world. Choose the route you are interested in to learn more about this specific option.

From the US

direct flights from hong kong to taiwan taipei

Other popular direct routes

Cheap flights to Taiwan

To find the best prices available when it comes to traveling by air, it is always a great idea to compare all your different options. To facilitate your search for your next direct flight to Taiwan, we recommend that you have a look at our search function at Here you can simply choose where you are traveling from and which airport in Taiwan you want to reach, and will be presented with all available flight options.