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A visit to Saudi Arabia is an experience you won’t forget. Learn more about the country and find direct flights to the largest airports here.


Saudi Arabia. The world's last great forbidden kingdom, and an emblem of everything most inexplicable to the West: the Middle East, Islam and oil. The Empty Quarter, the largest sea of sand on the planet, is home to dunes the size of ships. The Arabian oryx, one of the most beautiful animals on earth, also lives there.

Saudi Arabia is proud of its historic traditions, heritage and culture and is home to some beautiful attractions as well as beaches, souks and camel markets. Located at a crossroads between Africa and Asia, it has long been an important country for pilgrims with the city of Mecca being the spiritual center of the Islamic world.

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The two largest airports in Saudi Arabia are located in Jeddah and Riyadh, and if you are traveling here by direct flight this is most likely where you will land. Here we have gathered some of the most frequent connections to each airport, by using the links you can take part of all flight options.

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What to experience in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s most cosmopolitan and liberal town with its multicultural population and strong overseas influences. With great beaches and an enormous traditional souk, it is the best place for shopping in the Kingdom.

One of the most interesting sights in Saudi Arabia is Madain Saleh situated in the north and the second city of the Nabataeans who were responsible for the magnificent city of Petra in Jordan. This impressive carved stone temple with its tombs and stunning rock formations is definitely the highlight of this Kingdom.

Other attractions worth a visit are the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand covered area, with its vast sand dunes, Wadi Hadramawt and the town of Najran.

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Saudi Arabia climate

Most of Saudi Arabia experiences a hot, dry desert climate with very high temperatures in summer, and frosty, freezing nights in winter. The Red Sea coast has high humidity and high temperatures all year round. Rainfall is a rarity, and severe dust storms occur, whipped up by prevailing winds.

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