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A vacation to Brazil has a lot to offer, with everything from long beaches to great food and a unique music scene. Learn more and find your next direct flight here.


Brazil is the largest country in South America, and one of the largest countries in the world. The destination is well visited by people from all parts of the globe, and you will experience nature, sunshine and culture that is hard to forget.

There are several large airports in the country, and if you travel here by air you will most likely land in São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro or Brasília.

direct flights to brazil

Direct flights to Brazil – choose your airport

If you want to find a direct flight to either of the major airports in Brazil, we can give you a hand. Listed below you find some of the most popular international direct routes to the Brazilian main airports. By following each link you can learn more about this specific route and will easily be able to book your next flight.

To São Paulo

To Rio De Janeiro

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To Brasília

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If you want to find a flight to Brazil at a low cost, we recommend that you try out our search function at Here you can simply choose which airport you are traveling from, and which part of Brazil you want to visit.