Direct flights to Belgium

With its unique architecture and atmosphere, Belgium attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you find direct flights to the largest airports in the country.

direct flights to belgium

Even though it is a small country, Belgium has a lot to offer. How about interesting history, great food and classic architecture? Most people visiting Belgium choose to stay in the capital, Brussels. This is also where you find the two largest airports in the country – Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Direct flights to Belgium – choose your airport

If you are looking for a direct flight to either of the airports in Brussels, we can give you a hand. In the following list you find some of the most popular international direct routes to both airports. By choosing a route you can learn more about this specific option.

To Brussels Airport (BRU)

direct flights from budapest to brussels

To Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)

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