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Enjoy great food, a unique culture and spectacular wildlife in the country of Bangladesh. Find out more about the destination and find the best direct flight in our guide.


Bangladesh is nestled in the north east of India and can often be disregarded as a holiday destination but it has lots to offer the discerning traveler. Having been televised on Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey in 2009 and showing Bangladesh in a new light, many more travelers have started looking at flights to Bangladesh airports.

Much less hectic than India and with a lower number of tourists, it’s a sensational country to visit for its unique culture, lifestyle and (as Rick Stein shows us) incredible food. Not only that, there are National Parks where you can spot the elusive but majestic tigers, tea plantations, opportunities to visit local tribes and the beautiful Cox’s Bazar beach where you can spot magnificent whales and dolphins.

Find a direct flight to Bangladesh

If you are flying to Bangladesh, you will most likely land at the airport in Dhaka. At the moment, the airport only offers direct connections with other airports in Asia – if you’re traveling from outside the continent you will need to use connecting flights. In the list below you find some of the most popular direct flights to Dhaka and Bangladesh. By following the links you can see all flight options from each airport.

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Learn more about Bangladesh and Dhaka

Dhaka is a fast growing metropolitan city and has had a rich history rooted in the struggle surrounding India and Pakistan before becoming the capital of the newly formed Bangladesh in 1971. Dhaka sits in one of the world’s leading rice and jute growing regions, thus the textile and food industries drive the economy.

Book cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh to discover that it has a rich and diverse culture stemming from the various influences that have affected its growth over the years and is reflected in the stunning architecture and the arts. The largest impact on the culture has been the input of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Cheap Dhaka flights are popular with culture vultures for this very reason, a sheer thrill of immersing yourself in a culture.

When wandering around the city the best form of transport is to hail one of the 400,000 tuk-tuks that roam the busy streets – it’s said to be the most tuk-tuk populated city in the world! They undoubtedly would be happy to take you anywhere and will know the tourist haunts well; a couple of must see sites are the Old High Court Building, Curzon Hall and the National Memorial as well as a visit to the many antique and jewellery bazaars.

Foodies should also look at direct flight transfers from neighbouring India because, with a plethora of cuisine to choose from there is never a dull moment eating out in Dhaka. For a great range of choice Half Past Eleven serves everything from a steak to Tandoori; Bamboo Shot offers an oriental delight with authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine and Heritage provides local Bangla-fusion food.

How to find a cheap flight to Bangladesh can help you find your cheap flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh; just by clicking the links below or using the flight search box. Supplying a list of the cheapest flights to Dhaka and the most direct flights to Dhaka with the shortest stopover.

The climate in Bangladesh

Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, Bangladeshi climate is tropical with a mild winter from October to March, a hot, humid summer from March to June. A warm and humid monsoon season lasts from June to October and supplies most of the country's rainfall.

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