Airports in Sweden by direct flight routes – top list

Do you want to find out which are the busiest airports in Sweden? Have a look at our top list of Swedish airports, based on the number of direct flight routes.

busiest airports in sweden

In Sweden you find a few large airports that are well connected to the rest of the world, together with a number of smaller options that mainly offer domestic connections. In the compilation below we have listed the Swedish airports by the number of direct flight routes. By choosing an airport you can learn more about this specific option and see all flights available.


Number of direct flight routes

Stockholm (ARN) 150
Gothenburg (GOT) 62
Stockholm (BMA) 15
Stockholm (NYO) 11
Malmo (MMX) 9
Vaxjo (VXO) 7
Salen (SCR) 6
Visby (VBY) 5
Lulea (LLA) 3
Vilhelmina (VHM) 3
Angelholm/Helsingborg (AGH) 3
Hemavan (HMV) 3
Arvidsjaur (AJR) 3
Skelleftea (SFT) 3
Stockholm (VST) 3
Ostersund (OSD) 3
Lycksele (LYC) 3
Gallivare (GEV) 2
Kalmar (KLR) 2
Halmstad (HAD) 2
Umea (UME) 2
Ronneby (RNB) 2
Kiruna (KRN) 2
Kramfors (KRF) 2
Norrkoping (NRK) 1
Orebro (ORB) 1
Sundsvall (SDL) 1
Kristianstad (KID) 1
Linkoping (LPI) 1
Trollhattan (THN) 1
This list was last updated on 2024-02-20.

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