Top airports in Portugal by direct flight routes

In Portugal you find several major international airports and a number of airports that offer domestic connections. See a list of the busiest airports, based on the number of flight routes.

airports portugal direct flight routes

No matter if you are looking for an international connection or a domestic flight, there is a lot to choose from in Portugal. In the following list we have gathered all the Portuguese airports and ordered them by the number of direct flight routes. Choose one of the airports to learn more about this specific option and see all flights out of each airport.


Number of direct flight routes

Lisbon (LIS) 135
Porto (OPO) 116
Faro (FAO) 85
Funchal (FNC) 70
Ponta Delgada (Azores) (PDL) 34
Terceira (TER) 12
Horta (Azores) (HOR) 5
Flores Island (Azores) (FLW) 4
Porto Santo (Madeira) (PXO) 3
Corvo Island (Azores) (CVU) 3
Pico Island (Azores) (PIX) 3
Viseu (VSE) 2
Tires (CAT) 2
Santa Maria (Azores) (SMA) 2
Graciosa Island (Azores) (GRW) 2
Sao Jorge Island (SJZ) 2
Vila Real (VRL) 2
Braganca (BGC) 1
Portimao (PRM) 1
This list was last updated on 2024-02-10.

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