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Moi International is a small to medium sized airport in Kenya. In total there are 18 airports with direct flights to Mombasa from Kenya and 9 other countries. You can easily reach Mombasa with daily non-stop flights from major hubs Nairobi (Kenya Airways) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopian Airlines).

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Mombasa located on the coast of Kenya is the largest coastal port in the whole of East Africa. An important trading city dating back to the 12th century, Mombasa is located on an island which is linked to the Kenyan mainland by several bridges.

Mombasa is now a popular package holiday destination with visitors attracted by the warm tropical climate and a great selection of hotels and resorts. Mombasa’s best beaches can be found in the south and include Diani beach with its sparkling white sands and offshore reef which is perfect for snorkelling and the quieter Galu Beach which is close to a lush tropical forest.

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If you want to reach Mombasa by a direct flight, you have about 20 different airports to choose from. Below you find some of the airports with the most frequent direct connections to the airport of Mombasa. By following the links you see all flight options from each airport.

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What to experience in Mombasa

Mombasa’s most popular tourist attraction is Fort Jesus which is located by the entrance to the harbour. Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, its coral walls are over a metre thick and boast interesting battlements and several ruined buildings.

The Fort has a violent history and changed hands as many as nine times during many battles spanning over 250 years until the British won control. The Fort is home to a museum with exhibits including a ceramic collection, an Omani house complete with exhibits of jewellery, a church, well and excavated grave.

Mombasa’s Old Town is well worth exploring with its labyrinth of streets, ornately carved houses and traditional markets. Similar to much of the East African coast, the Old Town has strong Arab influences and an interesting heritage.

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Mombasa climate – what to expect

Mombasa has a warm, tropical climate. The amount of rainfall depends essentially on season. The rainiest months are April and May, while in January to February the rainfall is minimal.

Major airlines with daily flights to Mombasa
Daily flights with Kenya Airways
Daily flights with Ethiopian Airlines
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No, there are no directflights to Mombasa from the US so you'll need to find a flight with connection instead.

There are 14 airlines with direct flights to Mombasa. Kenya Airways, Jambojet Limited and are the most popular ones.

2 big alliances are flying to Mombasa. SkyTeam and Star Alliance.

The IATA code is MBA and the ICAO code is HKMO.

You can fly daily from 2 different airports hubs to Mombasa. Including Nairobi with Kenya Airways and Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines.

Depends where you are flying from. It takes 8h 50min from Frankfurt (FRA) and 13min from Ukunda (UKA).

There is 1 airport in Mombasa with scheduled flights, Moi International, MBA.

It depends on where from and when you are flying. The average one-way ticket price according to our data is $205.
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