Direct flights to Groznyy GRV

Grozny Airport is a small to medium sized airport in Russia. In total there are 13 airports with direct flights to Groznyy from Russia and 6 other countries. You can easily reach Groznyy with daily non-stop flights from major hubs Moscow (UTair) and Moscow (Aeroflot).

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Major airlines with daily flights to Groznyy
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No, there are no directflights to Groznyy from the US so you'll need to find a flight with connection instead.

There are 8 airlines with direct flights to Groznyy. UTair, Aeroflot and Ural Airlines are the most popular ones.

The IATA code is GRV and the ICAO code is URMG.

You can fly daily from 2 different airports hubs to Groznyy. Including Moscow with UTair and Moscow with Aeroflot.

Depends where you are flying from. It takes 3h 58min from Saint Petersburg (LED) and 50min from Aktau (SCO).

There is 1 airport in Groznyy with scheduled flights, Grozny Airport, GRV.
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