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Baghdad International Airport is a small to medium sized airport in Iraq. In total there are 26 airports with direct flights to Baghdad from Iraq and 13 other countries. You can easily reach Baghdad with daily non-stop flights from 4 major hubs like Istanbul (Turkish Airlines), Doha (Qatar Airways) and Sharjah (Air Arabia).

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Major airlines with daily flights to Baghdad
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No, there are no directflights to Baghdad from the US so you'll need to find a flight with connection instead.

There are 18 airlines with direct flights to Baghdad. Iraqi Airways, Turkish Airlines and Fly Baghdad are the most popular ones.

All 3 big alliances are flying to Baghdad. Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam.

The IATA code is BGW and the ICAO code is ORBI.

You can fly daily from 4 different airports hubs to Baghdad. Including Istanbul with Turkish Airlines, Doha with Qatar Airways and Sharjah with Air Arabia.

Depends where you are flying from. It takes 10h 0min from Guangzhou (CAN) and 30min from Al-Najaf (NJF).

There is 1 airport in Baghdad with scheduled flights, Baghdad International Airport, BGW.
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