Endless summer days, wild party nights, miles of waterways, gourmet restaurants, superior shopping, fun-fairs and parks, a medieval enclave, these are just some of the ingredients that go to make a holiday in Stockholm one of the trendiest & memorable you will ever experience. It is a city where 'F' stands for fun, fashion, ferries and fairy-tale.

Direct Flights to Stockholm, Sweden

Direct Flights to Stockholm, Sweden
The picturesque city of Stockholm is located on a vast archipelago and stretches across 14 islands in total.

The picturesque capital of Sweden is instantly recognisable for its beautiful kaleidoscope of historic buildings and for the cobblestone streets which are characteristic of its old town Gamla Stan.

One of the important seats in European Power in the past, Stockholm is packed with lots of interesting attractions in particular palaces and monuments which are testament to its important place in history.

There is a good selection of airlines which operate direct flights to Stockholm, for example, BA, SAS and Norwegian. It is also possible to travel on low cost flights to Stockholm, Sweden with an airline such as Ryanair.

Cheap flights to Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes known as the ‘Venice of the North’, Stockholm’s waterside location and abundance of waterways lends itself to exploring the capital by boat. Explore its many islands and if you’ve the time spend a few days island-hopping and overnight on some of its beautiful islands. Head to the old town Gamla Stan which is full of interesting sights and museums as well as some of the most stunning buildings in Stockholm.

It’s most popular attraction is the 18th Century Royal Palace where visitors can wander through its vast number of opulently decorated rooms dotted with priceless treasures. The main square in Gamla Stan, Stortorget boasts colourful historic houses and Stockholm’s former stock exchange building. 

For museum lovers, Stockholm is home to a superb array of museums including The Vasa Museum displaying the restored Vasa warship and the grand National Museum which houses an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures. To enjoy some of Stockholm’s best scenery head to the vast Tyresta National Park with its ancient rock formations, abundance of lakes and all manner of birdlife.

Searching for cheap flights to Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm Climate

Stockholm Climate
Stockholm has a moderate climate, with mild temperatures in both winter and summer. In winter, temperatures range from about 19F to 36F (-7C to 2C) and average temperatures in summer range between 68F and 77F (20C to 25C), though sometimes higher. Snowfall usually occurs from January to March. Rainfall can occur throughout the year, though July and August tend to be the wettest months.