Faro is a modern, lively city with attractive shopping precincts, good restaurants and a frenetic nightlife, an exciting holiday destination. Faro's most famous attraction is a macabre one at the Igreja do Carmo, which features a chapel whose walls are decorated with the bones of more than 1,200 monks disinterred from the neighbouring cemetery.

Direct Flights to Faro, Portugal

Direct Flights to Faro, Portugal
The Algarve is Portugal’s most popular holiday destination. Situated on Portugal’s Southern coast, The Algarve attracts millions of visitors a year with its beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and pretty whitewashed towns.

Crowded in the summer months, The Algarve can be touristy and brash but outside the peak season is the best time to visit with the weather still warm and the resorts and beaches much more pleasant. 

The Algarve coast stretches for almost 100 miles, most of the coastline is now very built up especially west of Faro but there are still some towns such as Sagres which are less developed and more laid back. 

Direct flights to Faro, Portugal
are always popular to minimise on travelling time and for greater convenience. There’s a good choice of direct flights to Faro from the UK on airlines such as British Airways and Jet2. If you’re after low cost flights to Faro, Portugal, try Ryanair or easyJet.

Cheap flights to Faro, Portugal

Faro, the capital of the Algarve, has a traditional Portuguese feel and boasts a well preserved historic medieval quarter. The picturesque marina is popular with yachties and there are plenty of interesting attractions, superb shopping, beautiful parks, great restaurants and cafes and a bustling nightlife.

Faro’s Old Town known as Cidade Velha can be found via an 18th century gate and is enclosed within medieval walls. One of Faro’s most famous attractions is the Bone Chapel (Igreja do Carmo) where the walls are made up of bones of more than a thousand monks from a nearby cemetery. 

The Se dating back to 1251 is worth a visit for the great views across Faro and across the coast from its rooftop lookout. Other attractions which are appealing to visitors include the Milreu, a ruined Roman villa believed to have been built in the first century, The Trem Gallery and the Municipal and Regional Museums. Faro also has an impressive beach, Praia de Faro, which is popular with windsurfers due to its location.

Searching for cheap flights to Faro, Portugal

Sometimes indirect flights to Faro with a short transit en route can be a good way of saving money and finding cheap flights to Faro, Portugal. Popular European scheduled airlines such as TAP, SAS and Lufthansa operate flights from the UK to Faro.

For the cheapest flights to Faro, Portugal, we would advise you try and avoid travelling at busy times such as in the height of the summer, Christmas and during the school holidays. As well as finding you the most competitive prices on airfares, here at Directflights.com, we can also find you the best value lastminute flights to Faro, Portugal.

Faro Climate

Faro Climate
The Algarve region has a Mediterranean sub-tropical climate with moderate rainfall and plenty of sun throughout the year, making it an ideal year-round destination. Summers are hot and sunny, but are often refreshed by cooling breezes off the coast; the farther west you go, the windier it becomes.

July and August are the hottest months of the year, and can be fairly unbearable inland. The weather in the autumn and winter months is mild, and January is the coolest month of the year.

The Algarve gets most of its rainfall over the winter months; rain is rare between June and September. The Atlantic Ocean is cold but slightly warmer to the east, thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean.