The capital of Lebanon, Beirut is enjoying a growing revival of its reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East. The city's architecture is a blend of French colonial buildings and religious structures sprinkled between modern skyscrapers and apartment buildings.

Direct Flights to Beirut, Lebanon

Direct Flights to Beirut, Lebanon
With mountains to one side and the Mediterranean Sea to the other, the Lebanese capital today is a blossoming cosmopolitan city, in contrast to its volatile past.

Rich in history, culture and ancient sites it is home to many world-class museums and art galleries. With an array of excellent restaurants and cafes, many visitors come to Beirut to enjoy its world-renowned Lebanese cuisine. 

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Cheap Flights to Beirut, Lebanon

A favourite place to start exploring this fantastic city is at The Corniche. Take a wander along the length of this busy promenade and soak up the atmosphere of the diverse local people, enjoying a coffee break at one of the many cafes along the way. From the Corniche you can get spectacular views of Raouche, a beautiful natural rock formation which juts up from the Mediterranean Sea.

Beirut is home to several cultural attractions and the must-see National Museum of Beirut has an important collection of archaeological artefacts related to Lebanon’s history. Highlights include the famous bronze Phoenician statues from nearby Byblos and a collection of Byzantine gold jewellery found in the city.

The beautiful grounds of the acclaimed American University of Beirut, the oldest and most prestigious university in the region are open to the public and definitely worth a look as are the magnificently restored Roman baths.

For some sporting activity why not test your skills at the Golf Club of Lebanon or spend the day at the races at the Beirut Hippodrome, home to the popular horse racing. If sunbathing is more your thing, soak up the sun at one of the many beach clubs along the coast.

Searching for Cheap Flights to Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut Climate

Beirut Climate
Beirut has a Mediterranean climate characterized by a hot, humid yet rainless summer, a pleasant autumn and spring, and a cool, rainy winter. August is the hottest month, with a monthly average high temperature of 32 °C, and January and February are the coldest months with a monthly average low temperature of 10 °C.

Much of the rain in autumn and spring falls on a limited number of days in heavy downpours. In winter, however, the rain is more evenly spread over a large number of days. Summer receives very little rainfall.