Washington DC
Washington, DC with its low-profile skyline is a city of green parks and open spaces, grand buildings, historic landmarks, marbled monuments and impressive museums, with character-filled neighbourhoods that support a thriving cultural scene.

Direct Flights to Washington DC, USA

Direct Flights to Washington DC, USA
The capital city of the USA and the centre of American government, Washington DC is one of the most important cities in the USA. With its impressive government buildings and some of the best museums in America, Washington DC is one of the most visited cities in the USA.

Situated midway between the north and south of the United States, Washington DC is a beautiful city with lots of open parklands, historic landmarks, grand monuments and a vibrant cultural scene. An international powerhouse and the hub of the USA government, Washington DC is full of interesting sights and attractions for visitors from across the world.

As the USA's important political powerhouse, Washington DC is especially well served by airlines from across the world. If you're travelling from the UK and would prefer to fly on direct flights, there is a choice of Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines and British Airways.

Cheap flights to Washington DC, USA

A must for all visitors to Washington DC is a visit to the heart of American politics to see some of the beautiful government buildings. The White House is a grand and impressive building full of incredible history. The grounds of the White House are occasionally open to visitors for special events however there is an interesting collection of exhibits and videos which can be found at the Visitor Centre located in the Department of Commerce.

Head to the Capitol located on top of a hill close to the National Mall with its stunning fountains, graceful pillars and beautiful gardens. Capitol is where Congress meets and free guided tours are available via the Visitor Centre. The interior of Capitol is truly beautiful with enormous frescos and oil paintings and some famous statues.

Washington DC is blessed with a huge number of museums; some of the best ones include The National Building Museum, the popular National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of American Art and the National Museum of Natural History. For some relaxation head to Rock Creek Park, a huge expanse of parkland complete with a Nature Centre and Planetarium. 

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Washington DC Climate

Washington DC Climate
Summers tend to be hot and humid, whereas winters are wet and cold, often with snow. July and August are the height of summer, but thunderstorms are common during this time of year. April and October are the most pleasant times of year, with mild temperatures characterising the change of seasons.

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