Sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan Bahrain, a kingdom of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, is welcoming an increasing number of international tourists who come to experience the country's fascinating blend of eastern and western cultures. Its future as a popular holiday destination for westerners seems assured.

Direct Flights to Bahrain

Direct Flights to Bahrain
Situated in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is a small country made up of thirty three islands. Thanks to its oil production, pearl trade and vibrant finance centre, Bahrain continues to offer its visitors an interesting mix of sights, shopping and history to explore.

Direct flights to Bahrain
in the Middle East are operated by British Airways and the national carrier Gulf Air. Often indirect flights can be a way of obtaining low cost flights to Bahrain and there are many airlines that fly from the UK to Bahrain including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa and KLM.

Cheap flights to Bahrain

Bahrain’s capital city Manama is a fascinating mixture of old and new with traditional souks sitting alongside fancy modern shopping complexes. It is home to several cultural attractions including the Bahrain National Museum, opened in 1988 and well worth a visit. Here, you will be able to dip into the country’s past and take a look at the history of its pearl fishing.

The country’s main archaeological site is Qala’at al-Bahrain, bequeathed by Portugal and known as the Portuguese Fort. Built in the 16th Century and recently restored you can take a fantastic hillside view of the sea from this strategic Bahrain Fort.
If you’re after some retail therapy, there is a good selection of glittering shopping malls or why not try some of the local craft markets where you can barter for textiles, clothes, pottery or pearls.

Explore the souks at your leisure and soak up the atmosphere around Bab al Bahrain enjoying the aromas of coffee, incense and perfumes. 
If you want to sample life in the fast lane then head to Bahrain’s 21 century Formula One race track where you can take a tour around and drive on its circuit.

Searching for cheap flights to Bahrain

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Bahrain Climate

Bahrain Climate
The best time of year to travel to Bahrain is during the relatively mild weather of spring or autumn. Gentle breezes soften the high temperatures, and sunny skies are continuous. Summers in Bahrain are unbearably hot and humid. The humidity is dampened towards the end of the summer when the 'Al Barah', a dry northwesterly wind, blows in. The climate of Bahrain is generally dry, but low-pressure systems in winter can bring some rainfall. helps you find cheap flights to Bahrain