Riga boasts a collection of exquisite Art Nouveau buildings that rival those in Vienna, Barcelona and St Petersburg, and the fairytale-like historic city centre is a delight to explore. Riga is home to plenty of top-class museums, galleries and performing arts centres, as well as a range of sophisticated bars, clubs and restaurants.

Direct Flights to Riga, Latvia

Direct Flights to Riga, Latvia
As the capital of Latvia, the buzzing city of Riga combines historic and architectural gems with an array of modern buildings, cafes and restaurants and has a reputation for having one of the best nightlives in Europe.

Located on the banks of the River Daugara, take your time to explore this interesting city. 
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Cheap Flights to Riga, Latvia

Head to Riga’s Old Town district where you can wander around the atmospheric cobbled streets admiring the stunning Baroque and Gothic architecture and don’t forget to look upwards to catch the many spires and steeples. Of particular note is the impressive selection of German art nouveau architecture with its ornate doorways and decorative towers.

Also worth a visit are some of Riga’s magnificent churches and cathedrals including St. Peters Church and the city’s domed cathedral. You won’t want to miss the glorious views of the city from the steeple of St. Peters or the famous organ at the city’s cathedral decorated with 17th and 18th century wooden carvings. 

If you’re into history, there are many places to visit to gain an insight into the city’s past. The Latvian War Museum is a must as is the Occupation Museum, chronicling both the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Latvia. 
As well as Riga’s many historical sights, make the most of the modern and contemporary parts of the city with its great selection of shops, cafes and restaurants and lively nightlife.

Searching for Cheap Flights to Riga, Latvia

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Riga Climate

Riga Climate
Riga has a moderate climate, influenced by its close proximity to the sea. Summers tend to be short and cool with cloud cover, and temperatures average around 64F (18C) in July.

Winters are usually long, dark and cold, with temperatures averaging around 28F (-2C) in January. Snowfall is heavy and cover usually lasts from mid-December to mid-March. The city is overcast for roughly 40 percent of the year.