No matter what time of year you travel to Philadelphia there will always be a plethora of attractions to visit and a lively event or two to join in with.Today Philadelphia draws tourists mainly for its historical wealth, centred around Independence National Historical Park, regarded as the most significant historic square mile in America.

Direct Flights to Philadelphia, USA

Direct Flights to Philadelphia, USA
The city of Philadelphia, located just north of New York City is where America declared its independence in 1776 and as such is full of historical sights and world-class museums to explore.

It also has a fantastic selection of superb restaurants and a vibrant arts scene. 
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Cheap flights to Philadelphia, USA

One of Philadelphia’s most famous landmarks is Independence Hall, a Georgian building located in the Independent National Historic Park and where Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence. Another historical attraction symbolising America’s freedom is Liberty Bell.

Housed in a massive glass pavilion, the famous cracked bell was tolled for the hearing of the Declaration outside Independence Hall and is one of Philadelphia’s top tourist attractions. 
If you’re travelling with children the Franklin Institute Science Museum and the Mummers Museum both have excellent interactive exhibits that are child-friendly.

Particularly popular is the largest replica of the human heart and the world’s biggest pinball machine. 
Take some time out to enjoy the vast open space at Fairmont Park, the largest landscaped city park in America. Its highlights include the Japanese House and Garden and the colonial mansions dotted throughout the park.

It is also home to America’s first zoo with over 2,000 animals and numerous attractions. 
For art lovers, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the city’s premiere cultural attraction. It houses some of America’s most important collections including works by Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh as well as showcasing its Pennsylvania Dutch and Shaker furniture.

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Philadelphia Climate

Philadelphia Climate
Summers tend to be hot and often muggy in Philadelphia, the humidity tending to be high during July and August. Fall and spring are mild and the most pleasant seasons. The rainfall pattern is generally spread throughout the year. Winters are cold, but seldom does the mercury drop below freezing.

Snow is unpredictable, some winters experiencing little and others characterised by continual snowstorms. The city centre and inner New Jersey suburbs generally have light snow, heavier falls being experienced to the north and west of the metropole