Moscow is the capital of the world's biggest country. At the very heart of the city, and indeed the country, is the Kremlin, the Russian place of command for almost eight centuries, and the religious centre. It is also a city of entertainment, with theatres and the renowned Moscow Circus, museums and art galleries.

Direct Flights to Moscow, Russia

Direct Flights to Moscow, Russia
The Russian capital city of Moscow is booming. After years of austerity and hardship, Moscow has seen a meteoric rise into one of the most expensive cities in the world where luxury, excess and billionaires are the norm.

As well as financial riches, Moscow is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, home to the Bolshoi Theatre, Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and impressive historic buildings as well as a vibrant and cosmopolitan restaurant and nightlife scene.

With many airlines flying to Moscow, Russia, availability tends to be very good and it is usually possible to find low cost flights to Moscow, Russia. As well as European airlines, airlines based in the Middle East, Far East and South East Asia all operate services from the UK to Moscow. For direct flights to Moscow, British Airways, Bmi and Russian airline Aeroflot all operate services from the UK.

Cheap flights to Moscow, Russia

Liberated from most of the censorship of old, Moscow is enjoying a thriving cultural and arty scene. As well as its impressive art galleries and museums, Moscow is becoming renowned for its contemporary composers, playwrights and musicians. In the heart of Moscow is the world-famous Kremlin and Red Square. The Unesco-listed Kremlin dates back to the 12th century and has been the seat of Russia’s power through Princes, Tsars and the Communist Government.

This magnificent complex of buildings is home to four palaces and four cathedrals and boasts a fascinating history. Just outside the Kremlin is Red Square, one of Moscow’s most popular tourist attractions where you can find the colourful and extravagant domes of St Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

Don’t miss the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum housing one of the world’s best collections of Renaissance works of art by Rembrandt and Botticelli as well as superb collections of Impressionist paintings and Egyptian treasures. It’s worth booking in advance to get seats for a performance at the Bolshoi Theatre, famous for its ballet and operatic productions amidst a beautiful setting.

The Cosmonautics Museum is well worth a visit and is situated in the base of a 100-metre high Space Obelisk, built to mark the 1964 Sputnik launch. Packed with exhibits and Space memorabilia including space suits, rocket engines and video footage, it gives an interesting glimpse into the era of the Soviet Space Program.

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Moscow Climate

Moscow Climate
Moscow has a continental climate, typified by exceedingly cold, long winters and hot summers. In mid-summer, during July and August, temperatures are pleasantly warm, with occasionally hot spells, and humidity tends to be high. Winters differ drastically, with only about six hours of daylight in the middle of the season and temperatures recorded at way below freezing point. Winter snows start in October and the snow blanket persists well into spring. Moscow has little rainfall, most of its precipitation falling as snow.