Lima, a metropolis steeped in vice-regal airs, is the perfect starting point for travellers keen to experience Peru, a country filled with myths and traditions that date back through time. This is a nation doted with spectacular landscapes and imposing archaeological remains, which only leaves one to imagine the grandeur of Peru's first inhabitants

Direct Flights to Lima, Peru

Direct Flights to Lima, Peru
Lima is the capital city of Peru and the largest city in the country. Situated in a river valley overlooking the desert coastline which leads to the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Andes Mountains to the other, Lima is a rather overcrowded and polluted, sprawling city.

Don’t be put off by its appearance as Lima and the country of Peru were at the centre of one of the world’s great ancient civilisations. 
During the 1500s Lima was christened the ‘City of the Kings’ by the Spanish colonials and it became South America’s richest and most important city.

In 1820 Lima celebrated its independence and soon built the first railway in all of South America. Since the 1920s and industrialisation, Lima has experienced rapid growth and has attracted large numbers of migrants from the poor rural areas.

Unfortunately the city has stark contrasts between the affluent suburbs and the shanty towns which are home to the poor. There are no direct flights to Lima, however there is a good choice of airlines that fly into Lima via South America, the USA and Europe with a transit or change of aircraft enroute.

Cheap flights to Lima, Peru

Lima is the centre of commercial and political life in Peru and has many historic treasures and a thriving arts and cultural scene. Explore the pre Columbian temples, colonial buildings, baroque churches and a great variety of impressive museums.

To see some of Peru’s most beautiful ceramics, visit the Museo Rafael Larco Herrera with its collection of over 50,000 pieces. 
The Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) is Lima’s main fine art museum which houses everything from pre-Columbian artefacts to cutting edge contemporary art.

For some archaeological treasures, head to Pachacamac an important Inca site comprising of temple pyramids and stone palaces. Thirteen kilometres outside Lima is the Puruchuco site where over 2000 preserved mummies were excavated from an Inca cemetery.

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Lima Climate

Lima Climate
Lima's climate is mild and comfortable. Although classified as subtropical, Lima's proximity to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean leads to temperatures much cooler than those expected for a subtropical desert, and can be classified as a cool desert climate. It is neither cold nor very hot.

Temperatures rarely fall below 12 °C or rise above 29 °C throughout the entire year. Two distinct seasons can be identified: summer, from Dec through April; and winter from June through Oct. May and Nov are generally transition months, with the warm-to-cool weather transition being more dramatic.