A Christchurch holiday is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, the city offering a host of activities like walking trails, cycling and horseback riding and watersports, including swimming with dolphins. Besides the green space, there are beaches; a lively city centre packed with pubs and restaurants, healthy sports scene and several museums.

Direct Flights to Christchurch, New Zealand

Direct Flights to Christchurch, New Zealand
Situated on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand offering a fantastic mix of historic landmarks, tourist attractions and spectacular beaches.

With its beautiful gardens and parks it is little wonder it is known as the Garden City and with the glorious River Avon running through the city, it really does boast an impressive and picturesque setting.

With no direct flights to Christchurch, New Zealand from the UK, you can choose from a number of airlines with a short transit via the Far East such as Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Qantas or alternatively fly on Air New Zealand via the USA.

Cheap flights to Christchurch, New Zealand

One of Christchurch’s most popular attractions is the Christ Church Cathedral, a beautiful Anglican building dating back to 1865 and boasting an impressive architecture, stone carvings and stained-glass windows.

If you enjoy strolling around museums and galleries, the Canterbury Museum has a wonderful collection of Maori treasures and children will love the interactive natural history exhibits at the Discovery Centre.

The International Antarctic Centre also caters well for families with many hands on activities including an indoor snow and ice experience and penguin feeding. For art lovers, Christchurch Art Gallery houses the largest art collection in South Island showcasing contemporary and historic displays.

To make the most of the city’s natural beauty, why not take the Christchurch Gondola, a small cable car, offering you incredible panoramic views of the cityscape. For beach lovers, some of the best beaches in Christchurch include Sumner and Waimairi beach and Taylor’s Mistake Beach is widely considered to be Christchurch’s premier surfing beach.

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Christchurch Climate

Christchurch Climate
Christchurch has a fairly dry temperate climate, with warm to hot summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures range from mild to extremely hot, often moderated by sea breezes blowing in from the northeast.

Winters bring clear, cold days, with temperatures often dropping below freezing level at night, with frost. Snow is a rarity in the city, but falls occasionally in the suburban hills. Rainfalls can be expected any time of year, but are more likely in winter.