Visiting Cebu is full of fun. Boat cruises and picnics to neighboring reefs and sandbars. Shopping for handicrafts and native foods in old Cebu. Visits to early Christian churches and the well-preserved colonial town of Carcar. Excursion to Moalboal, a world-famous diving destination. Modern shopping malls and much more.

Direct Flights to Cebu, Philippines

Direct Flights to Cebu, Philippines
Located in the centre of the Philippines, is the island of Cebu. Stretching over 140 miles from north to south, Cebu is surrounded by over 160 islands which make up the Philippines archipelago.

Popular with visitors from Asia and across the world, Cebu boasts beautiful sandy beaches and warm tropical waters with abundant coral reefs which are perfect for snorkelling and diving.

Head to Moalboal for some of the best dive sites on the island and look out for the resident turtles, sharks and manta rays. Cebu is geared up for tourists with luxury all inclusive resorts, shopping malls and a great choice of restaurants.

There are a handful of airlines which fly to the island of Cebu including Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and the national airline Philippine Airlines. There aren't any direct flights from the UK but often cheap flights can be found on indirect flights with a short transit or plane change on the way.

Cheap flights to Cebu, Philippines

There are some excellent ancient treasures in Cebu which are well worth a visit. The Basilica Minore del Santa Nino was originally built in 1565 and suffered several fires before being rebuilt in the 1700s. Look out for the stunning murals on the ceilings.

Escape the bustle of downtown Cebu at the peaceful Fort San Pedro, previously an army garrison as well as a prison and zoo, the ruined Fort is now a tranquil garden. 
The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary has a great collection of stunningly colourful butterflies, visit between June and February when the collection is at its peak due to breeding season.

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Searching for cheap flights to Cebu, Philippines

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Cebu Climate

Cebu Climate
Though Cebu has been classified officially to have two climates Dry and Wet, rainfall is usually not that high in the region, with average rainfall hitting around 100 mm per month. Wet season usually comes in June and Dec, while the dry season comes in Jan until May.

Cebu's temperatures can reach a high of 36 C during March to May, to as low as 18 C at the mountains during the cooler season from October to January. 
Between January and May, the temperature can get pretty hot.