India is a feast for the senses; where the air is heavy with the scent of jasmine and dancers trail frenetic melodies in colourful silk saris. Its cooks compose dishes from a palette of exotic spices that may leave a lingering taste of saffron or aniseed.

Direct Flights to India

Direct Flights to India
With a population of over one billion people, India is a country of vastness and diversity. World renowned for its spicy curries, its cricket and Bollywood film industry it also offers a fantastically varied landscape of deserts, mountains and beautiful coastline to explore.

It also has the most spectacular array of architecture and historical monuments in its many bustling and chaotic cities. 
If you want to book direct flights to India, JetAirways, Air India and BA fly directly from the UK. Often, indirect flights with a short transit enroute can be a way of obtaining low cost flights to India, for example on airlines such as Emirates, KLM and Lufthansa.

Cheap flights to India

India’s capital city, Delhi is packed with must-see cultural, historical and spiritual sights. Some you won’t want to miss include the Raj Ghat, the memorial spot of Mahatma Gandhi and Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque. For some retail therapy, head to the colourful and bustling markets and bazaars of Old Delhi and don’t forget to haggle for a bargain.

No visit to India would be complete without a trip to the breath-taking white marble Taj Mahal, located in one of India’s most famous cities Agra. Take your time to admire this magnificent monument, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The red sandstone Agra Fort is also worth a visit, dating back to 1565 and simply enormous.

Also popular in the Agra area are the desert camel rides. 
For lovers of the great outdoors relax and sunbathe at some of the country’s most beautiful beach resorts in Goa or visit the stunning coastline of Kerala with its popular family friendly resorts. With its appealing coastline, Mumbai also offers fantastic beaches and resorts.

Searching for cheap flights to India

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India Climate

India Climate
India extends from the soaring Himalayas to the Indian Ocean coast, encompassing half a dozen climatic regions. Generally, though, the country has a tropical climate, dominated by monsoons, heat and humidity. Tropical hurricanes and cyclones are also part of the general weather outlook in the middle and end of the year, especially in coastal areas. The best time to travel to the south of India is between January and September, but the north-eastern regions are most pleasant weather-wise between March and August. The mountains are best during the summer, between May and September.