From the tranquil shores of Lake Tanganyika to the rushing waters of the Victoria Falls, Zambia is home to an amazing array of beautiful places and cultures. Until recently, Zambia was overlooked by tourists, but not anymore. Zambia now has a reputation of being one of the greatest destinations to go to for a unique experience.

Direct Flights to Gambia

Direct Flights to Gambia
Despite being Africa’s smallest country, The Gambia is well known for its stunning 80km coastline boasting magnificent beaches and busy fishing villages. Popular with holidaymakers for its palm fringed beaches and lush tropical landscape; it is also paradise for bird watchers due to the incredible variety and diversity of bird life. Bordered by Senegal, The Gambia is a laid-back alternative to the crowded tourist resorts in Europe.

Banjul, the capital of The Gambia is the gateway to the hotels and resorts which run along the 25 miles of the best coastline. Flights to Banjul operate from various airports. There are no direct flights to Banjul however flights are available to Banjul with short transits via a selection of European airports. You usually need to be quick off the mark to find the cheapest flights to Banjul as they tend to be snapped up quickly. 

The prices of flights to Banjul tend to rise closer to departure time and during peak travel times which are usually during the summer months and holiday seasons such as Easter and Christmas. We would advise booking your cheap flights to Banjul well in advance to get the best deals for travelling to this superb destination.

Cheap flights to Gambia

As well as the sun and surf of the coastal resorts, The Gambia boasts some truly beautiful nature reserves including the River Gambia National Park - 5 islands which are home to rescued chimpanzees who are free to live in the wild again and Kiang West National Park which has hundreds of species of animals and birds including bush babies, monkeys, mongooses, hyenas and crocodiles.

Soak up The Gambia’s colourful and vibrant culture with a trip to the bustling markets in Banjul where you can practice your bartering skills and purchase some traditional African crafts. Some people have concerns that by booking cheap flights to Banjul they will compromise on the quality of the airline they are travelling on or that their journey will be a lot longer due to more stops or changes of aircraft enroute.

On the contrary, finding cheap Banjul flights may mean that you incur a couple of stops or transits but airlines frequently release fantastic flight deals so you can still find some great offers. Not only can you benefit from a cheap flight to Banjul but you will also have more money left over to spend on shopping, eating out or even to treat yourself to a room upgrade at your hotel.

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Gambia Climate

Gambia Climate
The Gambia's climate is a sub-tropical climate with two variations of distinct dry and rainy seasons. The dry season generally starts in October and ends around mid-June each year. The best time of the year to go on holiday to Gambia is between early November to early April, when the beaches are a lot more pleasant for sunbathing. The average daytime temperature for the whole country is 32°C / 91°F. In the evenings the temperature drops to around 16°C / 60°F.

Along the western part of the country, known as he Kombos, temperatures are moderated by Atlantic Ocean with less seasonal and daily variability in daytime temperatures. There are about 9 hours of sunshine everyday with virtually clear skies during the dry spell. helps you find cheap flights to Gambia